Commercial Property, Ilford London

Commercial properties provide lucrative business all over London every day. If you have a commercial property in Ilford London, to put on the market for us to let, sell or purchasing, our commercial property team will happily work with you to accomplish your goals. Acquiring and disposing of these types of properties can be overwhelming to our customers, that is primarily why we have built an experienced multi-disciplined team that takes pride in building strong working relationships that are based on trust, efficiency and excellent communication.

Your comfort and confidence during the transaction and your satisfaction at the end of the process is what we aim to achieve.

Our large clientele base and their various properties include warehouses, industrial premises, offices, production units, retail shops, as well as sites, medical, educational, churches, leisure facilities, pubs, land, and development sites. You can see that we are kept busy with an array of different types of commercial properties in Ilford London!

We act and advise on:

  • Property disposal. We manage the marketing of commercial properties for those needing to lease or sell their commercial properties.
  • We provide commercial property listing for people looking to buy or rent properties
  • We do acquisitions as we continually source new business space.
  • We manage your land sales and development viability.

In our line of work, we ensure that you do not leave us with any unanswered question, any misconceptions, or any shadow of a doubt. So all our transactions are transparent for your peace of mind.

For customers or prospective clients looking to sell your commercial properties in Ilford or surrounding areas, we will do all the hard work for you. This means:

  • We coordinate and produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), floor plans, and photography.
  • We produce professional property information and marketing materials.
  • Contact our extensive applicant database to match a property to applicants searching for commercial property to rent or purchase.
  • Provide regular reports and feedback on interest, viewing, and offers.
  • Negotiate the best possible terms in the current marketplace.
  • Ensure proactive liaison with legal representatives to ensure smooth completion of contracts.
  • Provide a dedicated agent contact for the duration of the disposal.

As we provide the services you require in acquiring and disposing of your commercial properties Ilford, we consistently strive to raise the bar and maintain our excellent reputation within the commercial field. eazyproperty will be your business partner of choice to transition your property from one owner to the next with a satisfactory conclusion.

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